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Central Vacuum Cleaner Thomson-Vac 1500SE (With Retractable 30′ Hose) And Accessories

999,99 $

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Central vacuum cleaner Thomson-Vac 1500SE
Metal base
59 decibels
30,5 cm (12″) Diameter
75 cm (29,5″) Height
120 Volts
14 Amps
Europeen quality motor
710 air-watts
Hybrid, can be use with or without bags
HEPA material bag 17 liters (5 gal.)
HEPA filtration
Easy to clean
10 years warranty

Includes installation materiel

1x 30’Hose
1x Handle for hose (regular)
50′ Of piping
1x White finition inlet
1x Back up plate
3x Elbow 90˚
2x Elbow 45˚
2x Elbow 22.5˚
5x Coupling
8x Pipe strap
60′ Wire 24 volts
1x Glue 60ML pvc
We offer an installation service if necessary

Accessories included

Floor brush
Dusting brush
Crevice tool
Upholstery tool
Metal telescopic wand
Tool caddy

Proudly made in Quebec (Thetford Mines)

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