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Eureka/Electrolux Central Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Dustlock Pkg 3

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Eureka/Electrolux Central Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Eureka: CV107H, CV137H, CV825, CV920, CV1001, CV1004, CV1601, CV1801, CV1804, CV1810, CV1004B, CV2104B, CV2301, CV3120B, CV3120C, CV3121, CVS4000, CV55OQA, CV-MINI- CV3120F CV5500 – CV3121H, CV6500i – CV3291L, CVS5000, CVS6000, CVS7000
Electrolux: QC600, 166A
Beam: 200A
Also compatible with Condo vac, Moderne 2000, Astro-Vac, Vacumaid, Cyclo-Vac, MVac,
Vacuflo Maxum, Husky, Kenmore, ThomsonVac 500, 1500, 1500SE, 3000, 4000,